The file glide3x.dll is the wrapper itself. In general, you only need to copy the file to the game-directory. You can also copy it to the system-directory of the operating-system but it is then possible that the wrapper interferes other wrappers.

The file glide-readme.txt is the help-file of the wrapper.

Like the glide-readme.txt, but in german.

The glide-init.exe is the configuration-application. You can change the settings of the wrapper with it. Therefor the application-window is divided into 4 sections: on the left is the mainmenu, in the middle the you can see and change the values themselves, on the right you can get some help by the program(if OpenGL-infos have been queried before). In the bottom-part of the Window, the content of the help-file is shown, if the application found the file.
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Last actualisation: 5.17.2018