Welcome to my homepage!

On this page, a GLIDE-wrapper is made available for download. Attention! I have written this wrapper explicitly for the game "Diablo2" (or "Lord of Destruction") made by the company "Blizzard Entertainment". You have to assume that it won't work together with other programs or at least that it will produce incorrect output.

The actual version is v1.4e.

References for installation can be read in the file "glide-readme.txt" out of the zip-archive.

Concerning Diablo2 v1.14!

By version 1.14, Blizzard made some changes at the game program. To set the video mode manually, it is now explicitly neccessary to use the command line parameters!
So if you want to use the glide wrapper, you have now to add the parameter -3dfx in the properties of the D2 shortcut.

This wrapper is freeware, it may be copied as long as the files stay unchanged and altogether. At the programming, my highest priority was to make a stable running program, but unfortunately i can't give any warranty that the wrapper runs perfectly on every system. There are too much possibilities which could cause the wrapper to malfunction. So you have to use this program at your own risk.
Last actualisation: 5.17.2018